With the cold-snap, you may want to head over to the Eugenia Kim sample sale to find yourself a hat. The last day is Saturday. A new contributor and fellow blogger, Theresa On The Town, checked out the deals and gives us her impressions:

“The nice part about this sale was that there was no line, it was spacious (open and not crowded), and the merchandising was neat/well kempt. Keep in mind that bags are checked at the door – so be prepared for that – and photos are  not allowed. I didn’t see the no photo signs until after I’d taken three pics, which are below.

There were plenty of hats in different varieties – straw, wool, and knit – as well as headbands and hair wraps. Most sizes were Medium. So, if you typically wear sizes larger than that, then you’d find few options here.

The pricing deals were decent, but not overly exciting. The straw hats started in the $40 range, while the wool hats ranged from the low to high $100’s. That would result in moderate savings compared to the prices on the website. The headbands were $30.

In addition to hats, there were shoes – pumps, flats, and sandals. All shoes are $100 and there was not a variety of sizes (as you can see in the photo below).

It’s cold out so, if you’re looking for head pieces to invest in (and the sizing may work for you), check out the sale!” Sabrina of Theresa On The Town.

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straw hats on shelves
various shoes on display