Hatch Maternity is hosting a sample sale this week which goes through this Wednesday. One of our contributors, Christina who is expecting this fall is a fan of the label’s chic collection. She gives us her take on the sale which started today:

“The Hatch sample sale was crazy busy when I went at lunch today.  I’ve never seen it like that before and I have been to all of their prior sample sales!  I think the brand has really taken off and become well-known.

In addition to the two dressing rooms that they normally have, Hatch put in two additional temporary dressing rooms for the sale.

They are accepting credit cards as well as cash and checks, but there is a $5 processing fee for credit cards.

I noticed a lot of past season clothing at this sale, especially from fall collections, but there is some Spring 2018 mixed in.  The Ruby top is still on the website for full price ($178) and I got it for $50.  The Alexandra Dress is also still full price ($278) online, but I got it for $100 at the sale today.  I also got the Eva Mini Dress, which is currently $248 online, and is $60 at the sale.  So, for Spring 2018 items, there really are good deals!

I wasn’t really looking at fall/winter items since I am due in early fall; however, there is a table of sweaters near the elevators and I have found that Hatch sweaters are really lovely and warm.

I do recommend trying things on since they are final sale.  In particular, I have noticed over the years that the shorts and pants vary dramatically in size.  You don’t want to assume you are one size based on past purchases and walk out with something too small.  In my experience, the shorts often run small.” – Christina

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