Artisan Luxury brand, Maiyet, has teamed up with lingerie brand, Eberjey, for a sample sale which goes through this Sunday (September 17th). The sale began earlier this week. We checked out the deals yesterday evening when the space was not at all crowded and additional discounts had not been given. No details on today’s price slashing. Let us know if you have any intel on it.

The Eberjey deals are pretty much in line (give or take a few dollars) with the label’s past sales which they use to hold in Midtown. At this sale, there’s intimates, PJ sets and swimwear. The selection of styles are fairly limited; lots of the same things (a few variation of the style of clothing). Great deals on swimwear at just $30. Price list is in the gallery.

As for Maiyet, pricing seemed more at this sale than past ones. When Maiyet held its own sample sale at its offices in Noho, prices were amazing. That’s probably due to the fact that back then, they offered actual samples. The garments at this sale appear to be stock. Some of the pieces are really beautiful with handcrafted detailing which is what the label is known for.

There are handbags but selection is very limited. Just a few styles (includes a cream Peyton tote) at either $250 and $350. Footwear is in the back with sandals at $100 and boots at $250. Some jewelry is left near the registers with prices ranging from $100-$200.

Sale ends on Sunday. Click here to our Calendar Page for location/date/time details to this and other sale events in New York City.