The Franklin Street Showroom started its 3-day sample sale at its outpost in Tribeca. The space began as the Steven Alan Showroom until the brand moved its operations. Today, this showroom continues to grow and nurture both emerging and established designers such as DEMYLEE, Mollusk, Odette NY and more.

There is no sign and the door is locked so you’ll need to buzz to get inside the space at 87 Franklin Street.

The sale has actual samples and production pieces mixed in. It’s primarily casual wear perfect the summer months.

There’s an entire wall of racks of various pieces from DEMYLEE which starts at $20 for tanks and tees, dresses were $40, sweaters were primarily $40-$60; although I did spot a chunky hand knit cotton sweater going for $130. There were also random button downs for $40 and $45.

We really liked the easy going pieces from Mollusk (California-based surfer brand). Many of these pieces made us think of the beach and wearing some of the tees and lightweight sweatshirts on our upcoming trips by the water. Prices were really good for these, many of which were tagged at just $15.

Odette jewelry (earrings, necklaces and cuffs) were displayed on a table in the middle of the space and ranged in price from $20-$100.

Shoes were all size 7 and tagged at $30.

Le Mont St Michel were towards the back and ranged from $20-$30, except for showroom samples which were prices at $15.

A makeshift communal dressing room is situated in the back of the space.

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