Frances Valentine, the New York City shoe and handbag brand started by Kate and Andy Spade is hosting a sample sale at its offices near Bryant Park. We’ve not been to check out the deals, but sale organizers sent us a few pictures (thanks, Ben!) and the price list which shows that sample shoes are $50.

UPDATE:  A tipster (thanks, KSY!) just sent us a slew of images from the sale… they were really good that we decided to create a gallery for them (see below). She adds that sample shoes are size 7 and 9. Plus, there are sunglasses available for $75.

Take a look… let us know if you happen to stop in and whether you found anything.

Frances Valentine Price List:

  • Sample shoes = $50
  • Shoes in boxes = $175
  • Nylon bags (small) = $50
  • Nylon bags (large) = $75
  • Boots = $195
  • Baskets = $50
  • Large square baskets = $100
  • Charlie = $75  (Medium), $50 (Small)
  • Leather bags = Small $95 Large $125

Small Leather Goods:

  • Wristlets/Wallets: $50
  • Coin/Card Cases: $25
  • Accordion Tech Wallets: $75

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