Plastic Dreams at the Melissa Shoe Sample Sale (Plenty of Vivienne Westwood)

With the recent rain storms, I thought it was time to stock up on Melissa’s fantastic plastic shoes.  I wasn’t alone.  The showroom on West 27th Street in the west end of Chelsea was packed yesterday. It was the first day of the sale and already many sizes have been depleted.

As you walk in, you’ll find shoe boxes organized against the walls and in the middle of the room by style.  Some of the shoes can also be found in big plastic bins separated by size.  The sales people had a tough time trying t keep everything neat and organized as shoppers frantically grabbed boxes and tried on the footwear.

As for what’s available, plenty of Vivienne Westwood Anglomania for $50.  Styles include:  the Lady Dragon slingbacks (in spring colors such as lilac, pink, green and more); Temptation pump (black); Ultragirl with bow (black, light grey, light pink, gold); Ballerina II (pink and black); the Wedge (black & beige); flip flops with a heart (black, gold, pink); and the Three Strap heels.  A steal was the Vivienne Westwood three strap flats which rang in at $20.  The reason for the bargain is that they had tons of stock to get rid of in a wide selection of sizes and colors.

Other collabs include Jean Paul Gautier’s Melissa Strappy Cage sandal tagged at $75 (was $260).  There were tons of JPG’s shoes in all sorts of colors and sizes.  There were several Melissa Campanas left in black and some boxes of VW rain boots.

Melissa brand styles (tagged at $20 and $30) included, the Marine, Ultragirl, Royal, flip flops and more.  Pricing is color coded with dots on the boxes:  royal blue = $75; neon pink = $50; yellow = $30; white = $20.  The sale runs through this Saturday.  I’m told that they plan to restock.

Where/When: 520 W. 27th St., nr. Tenth Ave., Ste. 702; June 15 to 18 Wed-Fri (Noon-8p), Sat (11-5p).

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7 thoughts on “Plastic Dreams at the Melissa Shoe Sample Sale (Plenty of Vivienne Westwood)”

  1. OMG! If you put me in that kind of room full of Melissas I could go like REALLY crazy!!^^
    The smell should have been wonderful in there! :)
    I think the sell is over now but you said they maybe plan to restock?…


  2. Great! I am desperately looking for the Cherry Lady Dragon and others, at that price I can buy more :)
    Problem is I am in France but I am willing to pay the shipping to get some pairs it totally worth it! :)
    We’ll see if there is another sell later!
    Thanks for information!

  3. Hi!!

    I am coming here for an update because I am going to New York this end of September so I’d like to know if you heard about another sale like this?

    Thanks a lot

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