Halston Heritage – an elegant contemporary spin on the legendary American label – is hosting a sample sale in the Garment District. The sale is taking place at Clothingline at 261 W. 36th Street and ends today at 7pm. One of our contributors, Christina, checked out the deals yesterday evening and gives us a report:

“…I would say there were under 20 people at the sale. It was very quiet. While I was hoping to find a dress for a black tie event, I didn’t find anything that I liked in my size. Unfortunately, the clothing isn’t organized by size, as it usually is at the Clothingline sales, so you really have to spend time looking.

There are a variety of gowns in various different colors and styles, but there aren’t that many sizes per style. There are a lot more shorter dresses for more casual events. I saw a lot of black, but also a decent amount of pastels. For those who like sequins, there are a few short sequin dresses for a night out. There is a wall of blouses in addition to the dresses, but nothing caught my eye.

Like most Clothingline sales, there is a large group dressing room with full size mirrors. There was no line to try on clothing, but there is a 10 item limit.
I personally would skip this sale if I were exclusively looking for a gown; however, the shoe selection was really great and all the shoes are only $30! Most are evening wear, but there were a few flat sandals and pumps. I snagged the last 9.5, because for some reason that size was popular, but there are still tons of shoes left and they are beautiful!” – Christina