H&M’s latest designer collaboration, with British fashion brand Erdem, arrived in stores today (November 2nd). Larry Label Whore was in line early this morning at one of the stores in Manhattan hoping to get his hands on some of the pieces. Here is his review:

“I came. I saw. I conquered.

The new H&M collaboration with famed red carpet designer Erdem came out today and I woke up early to get in line so that I could avoid the horror that was Balmain x H&M.

I am a big fan of his designs so I had to get some pieces from this collection, especially since it’s his first collection for men.

I decided to avoid the chaos of the midtown H&M stores so I trekked to the upper east side to their store on 86th and Lex. To my surprise when I got there at 5:20am, there were only two other people ahead of me. By the time the doors opened at 8a there were 29 people in line with the first group being made up of 15 people. Luckily everything was orderly and no fights broke out like my last experience. I also figured Erdem is not as well known as Balmain, particularly to the Kardashian crowd.

I was able to score all of the pieces I had been eyeing beforehand including two fair isle sweaters, a floral print hoodie, and a faux-shearling jacket.I have seven days to return any of it if I change my mind, but I was really happy with my loot.

Afterwards, I was curious to see how the midtown H&Ms fared so I checked out the one in Times Square. For those that came closer to start time were lucky because there was still a lot of merch left over. It made me think I could have slept more, but I didn’t want to chance it.

For those who just stayed home to wait for the online sale, your best bet was to go through the app. I read on Twitter the app was the way to go for the collection and apparently it was true. I told my friend (the same one who joined me at Balmain) to try the app instead of a computer and she was able to score the pieces she wanted.

I hope everyone else was able to get the pieces they wanted so they wouldn’t have to buy from the sharks on eBay. Let us know your experience if you went to a store or bought online.

Happy Shopping!” -Larry Label Whore

Click here to see the collection online where most items are already sold out!