Inside Chelsea Market, the Elizabeth and James sample sale is taking place through this Sunday, November 19th. Christina checked out the deals this morning. Here’s her review:

“There was absolutely no line to get inside the Elizabeth and James sample sale at 10:45 a.m. this morning. There were a decent amount of people browsing the racks, but nothing crazy. The space is organized well, with bags and jewelry lining the left side and clothing taking up the rest of the space (grouped by size and style). There is a large communal fitting room in the back with numerous full length mirrors, which made trying on clothing a breeze. Samples of bags and clothing (just one small rack) are right outside the fitting room.

Most of the sample bags I saw were $55-$75 and they are all in perfect condition. The other bags are all priced at $189. There are a variety of shapes and colors, and I found a few for Christmas gifts. The sample clothing ranges from $49 for tops to $199 for fur. Everything I saw was in great condition. I found a beautiful dress and pair of pants, but unfortunately they didn’t fit quite well enough. It looked like everything in the sample rack is size 4.

The jewelry ranges in price dramatically. I saw some things for $65 and others for nearly $700 (no joke!). Lots of fun jewelry, but be sure to check the price tag before falling in love!

There are gowns for $199, some of which I saw online for full price earlier this month while looking for a dress to wear to a wedding. All other dresses are $119. There are a lot of great dresses for holiday parties. I saw a few in red and also a navy velvet that was gorgeous!

There aren’t many leather jackets, but the ones I saw don’t look very warm and are $299. There are a few really cute bomber jackets though, all priced at $139. Furs are $479, and while beautiful if you like fur, seem too pricey for a sample sale. There are some really great coats at the sale for $249, which seems like a good deal given the quality and fabrics.

Blouses are $79. Lots of silks in cream and white, in addition to jewel toned colors.

Leather pants are $279.

Sweaters are $99. Most have large bell sleeves, which seem to be in style right now, but you definitely have to like that look. There are also some cropped styles as well.

Pants are $89 and are all very wide leg. Some have pleats and are high-waisted. Really cute and on trend.

All in all, lots of great stuff and well-organized. Typically the prices drop the last day of the sale though, so maybe best to wait for that.” – Christina

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