Devi Kroell is known for its exotic skin handbags and accessories. This week, the brand is hosting a sample sale at its office near Union Square.

We weren’t allowed to take photos so we’ll do our best to give you a description of the sale and what’s available.

We’ve been to several of the Devi Kroell sample sales. This one, by far, offers more selection of handbags. They’re neatly displayed on the floor as if this was a boutique.

While the selection is varied and wide, pricing is higher than past sales. For example, an iconic Beluga clutch in exotic skin is $4,000 (orig. $11,000). There are also box clutches from $500-$5,000 (for an alligator clutch). Near the entrance are large Python hobos at $1,200 and exotic skin trimmed canvas beach bags for $750.

Along the space are flats and heels for $200. In one room are a limited selection of clothing, including cashmere pullovers and trousers at $250. A fur cardigan is $1,300.

A telling sign that the sale prices were too high… I walked out with several other shoppers. All of us came out empty handed.

Sale ends this Friday, October 13th.  Click here to our Calendar Page for location/date/time details of this and other sale events in New York City.