Now to the details on what’s to be had inside the Diptyque sample sale in the Flatiron…  It’s a fairly small room but the merchandise is well organized on tables.  They told us this morning that everything is out and there will be no restocking during the sale.

As you walk through the glass doors, you’ll find the standard scented candles for $30 ($14 for mini candles).  Don’t expect to score on the popular scents such as Tubereuse and Figuier (a few of us asked for this only to be told that they had it in a room spray).  On the right wall were quite a selection of room sprays ($30) and gift sets ($40).  Along the other wall were spruce pine & spiced plum candles ($30).  Along the windows were eau de toilette ($44-$68), solid perfume ($24), scented shower gels ($22), soap ($8) and travel kits ($18) – such as the Philosykos collection which gives off the scent of fig leaves and the green fruit.  Also on offer were cologne roll-on ($24), scented body lotion ($28) and scented body cream ($34).

Sold out are the John Galliano candle collection, which was mentioned by Mizhattan who was lucky enough to hit yesterday’s preview sale.

This really was a sale where the “early bird gets the worm.”  Many of us in line agreed that we should have gotten there way before they opened.  That said, I managed to get in after about an hour wait and I did get a few things for myself and gifts for family & friends.

Where/When:  11 E. 26th St., nr. Fifth Ave., sixth fl. March 1-2; Daily (9-5p).