Fans of Jack Rogers packed the brand’s showroom in the Garment District this morning, the first day of the sale.

On offer are the label’s iconic sandals in a range of colors which are tagged at $59.99 for one and two or more for $49.99 (orig $118-$198). Some shoes with green dots were just $19.99. But the draw for these shoppers are the signature sandals. We spotted the following styles and then some: Hamptons, Palm Beach, Capri, Napa Valley, Nantucket, Raffia and more.

Apparel was also on offer (starting at $9.99) but the selection was fairly limited in style, size and much of the clothing looked as though they were past seasons.

Handbags and other accessories were also on hand. But as mentioned above, the draw here are the sandals. Sale ends on Friday, August 18th.

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