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Restocked! Diptyque Sample Sale

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For those of you asking whether there will be new merchandise at the Diptyque sample sale, we just heard that sale organizers restocked at lunchtime today…

A tipster who ran over there around 12:30pm reported her findings and sent us a few photos.  She stood in a short line and saw that they did restock. Our tipster tells us that they had a few of the classic scented candles such as Baies. She picked up a couple and before she left others apparently snapped up the rest. You’ve got to be quick at this sale!

In addition, she reports that there were lots of holiday candles left, Byredo lotions and Diptyque colognes, including the Baies.

A staffer told her that they plan to restock later today… Perhaps, even tomorrow morning?

Where/When: 225 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY; Thru February 28; Thurs (11am-8pm), Fri (9am-3pm).


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4 thoughts on “Restocked! Diptyque Sample Sale”

  1. Went at 9 and they said all sold out so not opening today. Really upset at 260 they should have sent an emajl out. I wasted a trip and time. I was coming from Brooklyn.

    1. Mushkie – That’s terrible! We didn’t get any notification earlier otherwise we would have posted it on the site. Thanks for the heads up… I’ll send out a tweet.

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