A photo of the line outside the sale

First in Line at the Diptyque Sample Sale

A photo of the line outside the sale
Image via Tipster

No surprise that there’s a line this morning outside the Diptyque sample sale in the Flatiron. One of our readers was first in line. Our tipster sent us the photo above before the snow started falling and before the doors opened. He also gives us details of his wait…

He apparently paid a service (Same Old Line Dudes – Sold_Inc) to send a person to wait for him at 5am today. Here’s his report before the doors opened:

  • 5 am: my waiter showed up. He is the first to arrive. I feel bad.
  • 8:45: I showed up with coffee for the waiter and there is a long line already wrapping around 26th street. He told me the first 5 people after him showed up at 6:30am.
  • 9am: people start to get anxious, snowing. People complaining and say how cold it is outside.
  • 9:04: people at the venue say diptyque people aren’t here yet. Waiting patiently.

We have to ask whether the savings was worth the money spent on the stand-in.

We went to the preview yesterday and found lots of scented candles (a lot of holiday), fragrances, body lotions, scented ovals and more. If you make it inside, let us know what you walked out with…

 Where/When: 225 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY; February 26-28; Wed (10am-6pm), Thurs (11am-8pm), Fri (9am-3pm).

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5 thoughts on “First in Line at the Diptyque Sample Sale”

  1. Hi SampleSally~~

    i guess i just wanted a opinion…

    Im planning on going to the Diptyque sale either tonight after work (at 7pm) or tomorrow morning early, to ensure that I get in at 9am. I just wanted to know if there is any idea of whether the items are going to be restocked for tomorrow’s sale/if there are any standard candles? Whats the best time to get there tomorrow morning as I would like to get in at 9am and not be late for work :)

    Many thanks,


    1. Hi Sasha – I would go tonight. It closes at 8pm so you should have time to shop if you get there at 7pm. I’m not sure they’ll be restocking tomorrow. They didn’t have as much merchandise at this sale as in the past. I would think they would have put out most of the products by today. What you could do is go tonight, ask if they will be restocking tomorrow. Decide if you want to go tomorrow morning. Hope this helps…

  2. Hi SampleSally!!

    I went and got a Rose candle. I think it was the “Valentines Day” one… I might go back tonight and see if there are anymore “Standard”/classic ones. Hopefully~

    Thanks for the updates~ very helpful

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