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Last Day of Montblanc Sample Sale

Sale organizers are offering further reductions (and "special offers") now that the Montblanc sample sale is close to ending. Tomorrow is the last day. A tipster (Thanks again, D!) sent us photos from the sale. The first day of the sale generated long lines - an indication that people are still writing longhand. Our fellow shopper didn't give us a review, but if yo[...]

Our Man's Take on the Montblanc Sale

  The Montblanc friends and family sale ends today at 5pm. Our man, Larry Label Whore stopped in at lunchtime and sent us his thoughts: If you're looking to throw your money away then the MontBlanc sale is for you. Who really cares if there are many people without jobs living month to month; we need our $400 pens, right? right? right? I went into the MontB[...]