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close up of bags

Checking in on C. Wonder Closing Sale

The C. Wonder store in Columbus Circle is expected to shut its doors tomorrow… Today, we checked inside to see what was left. While there were empty shelves, Mushkie tells us there was still plenty to be had.

“Despite it’s cheerful and sunny countenance, you can tell the end is near for C. Wonder. Shelves are more than half empty and one shelving unit is completely bare. There are mugs, cards, cheeseboards and jewelry boxes in the not common letters left.

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NEST Fragrances Sample Sale – Holiday Candles under $30

nest candles on table

The NEST Fragrances sample sale ends on Thursday… Here you’ll get deals on luxury home fragrance products, including scented candles in a variety of scents, sizes and styles, and bath and body products (body wash, body cream, eau de toilette, liquid soap and hand lotion in a variety of scents). Mushkie checked out the deals earlier today. She tells us that there were plenty of candles to be had but it wasn’t easy finding the space.

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