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Patagonia Winterfest Sale...

If you're looking for clothing for the outdoors, check out Patagonia.  The label's SoHo store and its online shop is hosting a winterfest sale, offering up to 50 percent off.  Sample Sally source, Deme, dispatched this report and emailed the photo above: Stopped by Patagonia in Soho after Phi.  The line was 30 deep.  There are boxes of undies, thermals, t-s[...]

httpv:// I took a second look Thursday night at women's wear at the Barneys Warehouse Sale and I put together the video above.  Like the men's section, I was disappointed.  I had to look hard to find the stand out deals:  plush cashmere shawls (in taupe and black) by Giorgio Armani tagged at $200, Lanvin black dress $300, Dries V[...]

Barneys Warehouse Sale:  The Men's Take

I checked out the men's selection of the Barneys Warehouse Sale last night with "the little Mr." I must say I wasn't impressed and neither was he.  A lot of the same stuff from the previous sale.  But that didn't stop shoppers who packed the area downstairs, especially the shoe section.  We really couldn't understand it.  Here's the take from "The Little Mr": [...]

Phi Closing Sale Extended...

Word from a Sally tipster that Phi is still open... holding its closing sale.  It's true... I just confirmed with the label's boutique on Greene Street in SoHo.  Apparently, they have tons of samples and previous season goods... as well as items from Spring 2010.  I'm not sure how much is still left and what's worth buying... Shop staffers say they aren't offer[...]

Day 1:  Barneys Warehouse Sale... Busy but not Mobbed

I made a quick stop at the Barneys Warehouse Sale this morning at 9am to find no line.  Surprisingly, I just breezed in.  I only had time to scan the women's designer shoes and clothing.  Right off, I noticed that plenty of the items on offer are from previous sales such as the Lanvin for Acne denim pieces.  There's a full rack of those pieces leftover from th[...]

Barneys Warehouse Sale Starts Tomorrow...

If you don't already know, the Barneys Warehouse Sale starts tomorrow at 8am (Thursday February 11th) and goes through Sunday February 28th.  The sale is always mobbed.  But deals can be found if you're willing to deal with the crowds.  The last sale over the summer, all high-end designer duds were eventually marked down to 75 percent off.  I'll be checking ou[...]

httpv:// Men’s shop Odin and women’s boutique Pas de Deux have joined forces this week for an end-of-season sample sale.  They've set up a space next to the SoHo Odin store where you can find a cool mix of merchandise from past seasons priced at up to 70  percent off. Ladies, there wasn't much for us at this sale.  The deal[...]