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Butterfly Prints and More at the Vivienne Tam Summer Sale

At 9am this morning, there were already a few shoppers going through the racks at the Vivienne Tam sale in the Garment District.  The merchandise is up to 75 percent off and is well organized, separated by size and style.  You'll find plenty of clothing with butterfly prints and embroidery as well as brightly colored designs. Let's start with the sample sale rack[...]

Hayden-Harnett Sample Sale

The elevator wasn't working when I arrived at the Hayden-Harnett and the Collective Showroom sample sale Tuesday evening.  I was told that the elevator stops operating after a certain hour at the end of the day.  I ended up having to walk up five flights to check out the goods. Not such a fun thing to do in this heat! The sale wasn't as well stocked as previous s[...]

Oak & Friends Sample Sale

The after work crowd flocked the Oak & Friends sample sale in Noho Friday night.  The sale is being held in the basement of the Oak store on Bond Street where they managed to fit tons of merchandise in such a small space. Last night, it was tight and crowded as I tried to look at the clothing hanging on racks or stacked on tables.  At one point, the place looked l[...]

A Mishmash of Merchandise at the Prive Sample Sale

Though it be unbearably hot out, sample sale season is cooling off now that summer is here.  You won't find many sample sales this week.  One of the few being held is the Privé sample sale at Chelsea Market.  I checked out the goods last night and found a mishmash of merchandise for both men and women as well as a very limited selection of home goods. It l[...]

More on the Fendi Warehouse Sale...

Unlike Artsy Anna, I had to wait (not long) outside the Metropolitan Pavilion North at 6pm last night.  The after work crowd were making the mad dash to the Fendi warehouse sale creating a line at the entrance. Once inside, you'll find a large area in the middle where the accessories - handbags, wallets and jewelry - are placed on tables.  To the side against the[...]

Random Deals and Deep Discounts at Diesel...

The Diesel sample sale is being held in a raw warehouse space in Chelsea - a perfect venue for the hip brand.  You take a freight elevator to the second floor where you'll find random deals for both men and women.  On offer are actual samples with the word "SAMPLE" written on the back of the garment as well as overstock.  The prices at this sale are very reason[...]

First Glance at Fendi...

Artsy Anna made it into the Fendi Warehouse sale this afternoon with no wait.  Surprising since this sale often draws a crowd.  Here's Anna's initial observation of the first hour of the sale: Fancy fashion house sales tend to draw frenzied crowds and around-the-block long lines. So I was surprised this afternoon when, barely an hour after doors opened, the stanch[...]