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httpv:// The SURevolution sample sale on jewelry and home accessories starts today.  Yesterday, they allowed me to take a peak at the offerings.  Incredible bargains that won't break the bank (won't even put a dent in your account).  You'll find gold & silver dipped leaf necklaces that retailed for $800 to $1,200 now tagged a[...]

Socially Conscious Luxury Brand SURevolution Hosts a Sample Sale

Jewelry and home accessories brand SURevolution is hosting a sample sale this week.  The label designs sustainable collections which are handcrafted by artisan entrepreneurs around the world (including India, Colombia, Peru, and other countries in Asia and South America). The sample sale starts this Thursday March 31st at its showroom in Soho.  Prices will be up[...]

Ho-hum Hermes Sample Sale...

Unless you're a huge fan of Hermes, I'd suggest skipping this sale.  The other bloggers (Madison Avenue Spy) were correct in their overall assessment of this season's deals... a disappointing selection and dissatisfying discounts.  I stopped in Thursday morning before the Phillip Lim sample sale (A mistake - I should have just gone straight to PL). The much sough[...]

This Morning's Wintery Mix Doesn't Stop Hardcore Hermes Fans

httpv:// At 9:30am Wednesday, the line to get inside the Hermes sale (officially started today) was insane.  Hardcore fans didn't let the wintery weather stop them from waiting for what could be hours for those at the end of the line (which was in front of B&H at 9th Avenue b/w 33rd and 34th Sts.  If these people read Madison Av[...]

Lee Angel Sample Sale:  Prices Start at $5 for Colorful Costume Jewelry

Shoppers on Wednesday night were focusing on the real deals at the Lee Angel sample sale:  Colorful costume jewelry (necklaces, bracelets and bangles) going for under $20.  An even better deal was a large selection of bins containing pieces going for $5.  So much eye candy.  Great if you want to add adorn your spring wardrobe with accessories or just looking for[...]

Ralph Lauren Home Sale is Picked Through

If you're looking for furniture (or a regiment of Queen's Guards), it might be worth checking out the Ralph Lauren Home Sale in Chelsea.  Yesterday, the large space at Metropolitan Pavilion North on 19th Street looked nearly cleaned out but they did have a few things left, such as bed frames, chairs and lighting.  I went looking for a floor lamp and found only a doz[...]

VIDEO: Get Your Mikimoto On…

httpv:// The Mikimoto bi-annual sale always draws a crowd and this season was no different.  I had to wait nearly an hour yesterday (the first day of the sale) before I had the opportunity to survey the gems.  The sale is being held at their Fifth Avenue showroom which is quite small.  With the crush of the crowd, trying to get a[...]