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VIDEO:  Sayonara Takashimaya

httpv:// Yesterday was the first day of Japanese high-end retailer, Takashimaya's, liquidation sale where everything in the store was 40 percent off.  By the end of the day, the entire store was picked through. The handbags and accessories were nearly gone on the first floor. The home section looked like a tornado had hit.  The [...]

Takashimaya Closing Sale Starts Today...

The popular Japanese retailer, Takashimaya, begins its closing sale today where all merchandise will be 40 percent off.  For those of us familiar with the six-floor shopping palace, we know the store offers so many one-of-a-kind treasures. I stopped in yesterday to see what I could find.  On the first floor, there were some great leather handbags and beauty p[...]

Sigerson Morrison is Almost Cleaned Out on First Day of Sale

The pictures say it all... By the end of the day yesterday, slim pickings at the Sigerson Morrison warehouse sale in Chelsea.  One sales associate told me that the first day of the sale was like a "whirlwind," adding that "about 12-hundred customers" had come through the fourth floor of the Metropolitan Pavilion by 2pm. With just an hour left before closing, w[...]

Bargains from Swedish Brands Acne, Filippa K and Nudie Jeans

The hip Swedish brands Acne, Filippa K, and Nudie Jeans teamed up for a sample sale in NoLita.  Here, you'll find a warehouse space full of denim and more for both men and women.  Current spring merchandise is 50 to 75 percent off the retail price. Tuesday night, the space was teaming with fans of the three brands, including a group of friends from Denmark and [...]

Jil Sander's Not-so-Private Sample Sale...

After reading the tip from a Racked reader about the Jil Sander sample sale in SoHo on Wednesday, I thought I'd try my luck and see if I could get in.  Score! I had no problems getting in this morning.  I was with four others when they opened the doors at 10am and we breezed in. I didn't have much time so I focused on the women's merchandise.  What you'll fi[...]

Tipster Review:  Kooba Handbag Sample Sale

News from the Kooba handbag sample sale from a Sample Sally reader.  The tipster who stopped in at lunchtime today emailed me her review: I took a quick trip there and beat the lunch and the crazy crowd that attacked the Cynthia Steffe sample sale.  Overall the sale is pretty organized, the bags are all in boxes with price and picture of the bag taped on the[...]

Loro Piana Offers Deals on its Luxury Cashmere Clothing

  An old friend of the Little Mister got me an invitation to Loro Piana's Saturday preview sale.  But I ended up at the Olde Good Things enormous antiques warehouse in Scranton, PA (don't ask) instead.  Monday I managed to stop by the sale in Midtown.  There wasn't much of a crowd - just a few dapper gents and nicely dressed ladies who were well acquainted wit[...]