Today is the last day of the Bulgari sample sale being held at Soiffer Haskin near Penn Station.

Most shoppers this morning were looking at the fragrance tables which had the best deals here at under $40. As for selection, there were still a selection of perfume gift collection (including eau Parfumée Thé Blanc, Thé Rouge and Thé Vert). Not a lot of single boxes of perfume. Instead, body lotion or oil for some scents. Men had a couple of perfume choices left.

As for other merchandise, there were handbags at 70% off retail. That translates to $900 for many leather bags (orig. $3,000). A selection of sunglasses can be had along one wall for at least $105 (orig. $350) for most of them.

There was also random watches and some jewelry as well as exotic skin handbags.

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