Update: Get an extra 25% off at the Barneys Warehouse Sale


The Barneys Warehouse sale has begun slashing prices on merchandise.  I stopped by on Monday night to find that shoes (both men and women) are now marked down 25 percent off the sale price.  The women’s ‘red star’ items also fall under this discount.  Ladies, that means high-end designers such as Balenciaga, Lanvin, Jill Sander, Prada, Piazza Sempione, Narciso Rodriguez and much more.  The entire rack of Lanvin for Acne is also 25 percent off.  I was tempted to buy one of the denim dresses.  With the discount, it would have cost $119 (originally $850).  They still had a lot left hanging on the racks so I thought I’d wait and check back later in the week.

Where/When: 255 W. 17th St. b/w 7th & 8th.   Thru Sept 7th. Weekends (10-7); Weekdays (10-9)

Mon 9/7 (10-7).

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10 thoughts on “Update: Get an extra 25% off at the Barneys Warehouse Sale”

  1. You guys are awesome. Thanks for the up to the minute updates. I also noticed you “Tweet” as well.

    I’m not going to Barneys until it’s at least an additional 70% off because I was at Barneys a few weeks ago and the sale merchandise was ALREADY an ADDITIONAL 50% OFF the sale price.

  2. Hey Sample Sally, just fyi, at the LA sale, on the last Friday, all women’s designer went down to extra 60% off, non-designer was extra 25% off, denim extra 60% off, shoes extra 50% off, accessories extra 50% off, swim/lingerie extra 40% off; mens went down to extra 40% off designer, suits extra 25%, denim extra 60% off, shoes extra 50%, accessories extra 50%; and all chelsea passage was extra 75%. the Lanvin/Acne line for women went down to extra 75% off. fortunately they had a lot left so I still got tons of great deals b/c I went that Friday morning. Good luck!

  3. Sally,
    I know you must be hot all over the Jimmy Choo sale today! Should we line up now or later ???
    Your are CHOOsie Insider!! What is a girl to do line up now or later!

    1. Hi Elsa – I stopped by this morning at 9am and it was eerily quite. The actual public sale starts at 1pm at Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea. But apparently, friends and family are being let in before that…

  4. Anytime, Deme and all others at the Barney’s sale! Good luck! Wish I could be in NY right now, you guys always get the best picks.

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