The NEWS Showroom Sample Sale – Clu, Common Projects, Cheap Monday…

Today, The NEWS Showroom opens its doors in Soho for its seasonal sample sale featuring Common Projects, Clu, Cheap Monday, Anniel and more… Yesterday, we stopped in and shot video of the friends & family preview. Check it out and see what shoppers have in store for them – lots of stuff!

This sale offers plenty of merchandise for both men and women… Cheap Monday items as low as $10, Common Project footwear from $50-$175, Anniel flats starting at $60, DESTIN scarves at $40 and lots of Clu soft knit pieces – many at $30.

Where/When:  495 Broadway (north of Broome Street), Fifth Floor, NY, NY; May 16-18; Daily (10am-6pm).


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6 thoughts on “The NEWS Showroom Sample Sale – Clu, Common Projects, Cheap Monday…”

  1. nice soundtrack! hey, do they have the sacai white leather jkt with swirly chiffon? it was last season and colette had for 4k and i’d love it. just not at retail.

    1. Hey Jk,

      Thanks for your question and so glad you like Sacai!

      Unfortunately we don’t have that jacket but we have a bunch of other great pieces that are going very quickly– unfortunately no leather.

      Hope to see you at the sale!


      Jessie @ The News

  2. Went to this sale last year and got so much great stuff!
    Do you you know if they had any of the embroidered cheap monday crewneck sweatshirts and what the jeans started at? Are there $10 tables of them like at last years sale? Thanks!

    1. Hi Clare – There were jeans at $10… and, while I didn’t see the embroidered sweatshirt, the showroom tells me that they have them. Apparently, tons of stock for both… Let us know if you stop in today and whether you found what you wanted…

  3. this sale was great! i got a few pieces from clu for $10, $20, & $40 and a bunch of $10 cheap monday items. the thing i was most happy about was the 4 pair of $20 anniel shoes that i picked up! thanks sample sally for shooting the video, i saw the shoes i wanted and headed right over!

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