Plenty of Cotton & Cashmere Pieces at the White + Warren Sample Sale


Now to the details of the White + Warren two-day sample sale which started this morning… As you walk into the spacious, airy showroom, you’ll find discounted production and stock pieces.  Unlike some sample sales, this one is always organized and the merchandise nicely displayed as if you were shopping at a store – lots of knits hanging on racks or neatly folded on tables; the styles and colors easily visible.  There were also scarves displayed on a wall as well as the popular cashmere travel wraps stacked on a table.  The staff are very helpful and friendly.  If you’re looking for a specific size or color, just ask.

As for pricing… Signs are posted throughout the space.  Cashmere sweaters and travel wraps are $100, cashmere throw-ons are $85, non-cashmere sweaters (cotton, blends, etc) were tagged at $40 as were bottoms and dresses.  T-shirts were $25 each ($30 for 2, $40 for 3).  There were great light-weight wool/silk blend scarves for $50.  If you’re looking to upgrade your spring/summer casual wardrobe, you’ll find great deals on cotton and cotton/blend knits.  As you can see from the photos, tons of striped knitted tops – perfect for days spent on the beach.

For those of you looking for actual samples… good news!  There is a sample sale room with boxes filled with actual samples – many that were never produced.  Sample pricing are as follows:  Tees are $15; Non-cashmere knits are $25; cashmere pieces are $35; jackets at $40.  When I got there around 9am this morning, there was still plenty of merchandise but already the selection was pretty much picked over.  Many of the samples were in pretty good condition but do look carefully, I picked up a cute cashmere sweater that had a small hole near the neckline.


Where/When: 80 W. 40th St., nr. Sixth Ave., third fl. April 19 to 20; Thurs (8–7p), Fri (8–2p). Cash & Credit Card Accepted


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5 thoughts on “Plenty of Cotton & Cashmere Pieces at the White + Warren Sample Sale”

  1. Hi Sally,

    I just went back to pick up something and was told that they would be restocking the sample room tomorrow morning. Ciao~

  2. Thanks, Judy for the heads up… However, I believe that all the samples are out and when I got there this morning – it was already picked over. That said, they had lots of great production pieces and great deals on cotton tops.

  3. I was there around 11:15am and they brought out several garbage bags filled with samples while I was there. They also had quite a few bags yet to be brought into the room so there were definitely more. They specifically mentioned that they still had bags of spring samples though I didn’t wait around for them.

  4. Hmm that’s odd. I was there early in the morning and then I ran back around 2pm to pickup an extra sweater. That’s when I overheard the staff talking about re-stocking the sample room, she confirmed it when I asked her. Maybe I’ll stop by and check it out tomorrow.

  5. Thank you for the heads up for this sale. You mentioned it first. You covered it well. I had always wondered what was in those boxes–which attract a frenzy of visitors and the backroom grows quite crowded. I have stuck to the front room where, as you describe perfectly, help abounds and stock is well-arranged. I walked out with two great long open sweaters for which I paid 1/3 of retail. A line formed by 7:45 and amazingly everyone inline was admitted at 8 am. it seems to be one of those twice a year sales.
    If you missed it, don’t despair: the white & Warren website includes a sale section for yearround shopping.

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