Last Day of the Comme des Garçons Sale – Any Further Reductions?

Comme des Garcons Archival Sale

Today (Monday) is your last chance at deals at the Comme des Garçons archival sale.  Doors are expected to close at 7pm tonight.  One of our readers stopped in this morning and gives us a report along with photos…

Our tipster tells us that sale organizers are only offering additional discounts on men’s pants, which are now 80% off retail.  Most everything else is apparently 70% off – same as when the sale started last week. She also reports of a bin filled with $20 sneakers (check out the photo) and around $80 for wallets.  A staffer also told her that they will not be offering further reductions today…

Where/When:  127 W. 30th St (b/w Sixth & Seventh Aves), NY, NY; Thru May 13; Mon (10am – 7pm).

 Comme des Garcons Archival Sale

Comme des Garcons Archival Sale

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12 thoughts on “Last Day of the Comme des Garçons Sale – Any Further Reductions?”

  1. just got back from the sale and got a stash of clothes. i’m trying to justify it by saying it’s for my family? sneakers are really $20, wallets are 70pct off. since i rarely carry much more than my cc and id, i bought the change purse looking piece for $30. i bought a cute hot pink sweater for $20, orig price was 275 or 325? i’m in the color mode and it was cute with a print of flowers. had i known it was only $20, i would’ve gotten a few more. there were a few skirts and sareuru pants left in small. one skirt i loved was almost 1500 originally. it was the silky tutu looking number. i ended up buying a junya pants skirt number that was originally 1100 because i have the matching coat. it’s probably too matchy matchy but i figure for some occasion? i also ended up buying a piece from 2003. the sales woman and i couldn’t figure it out but you know with cdg, anything goes. it was 120 after discount. oh, i also bought a junya white shirt since all i own are coats, boots and dresses. my son got sneakers because they were 20 each, hubby got a pullover with rolling stones lips silkscreened on. you wouldn’t notice unless you were looking. i think that cost under 100. i also pulled out a stars wars long sleeve for the teen. all of the shirts cost around 30-40 and so worth it. there was no way i was buying a coat for the hubby. he would look at the piece with a big question mark. it was very artistic but he’s so corporate and happy w the mmm i picked for him.

    anyway, there’s a dj there for fun, people are dancing around when they’re not hoarding. i spoke with a few sales people and they said whatever doesn’t sell will be carted back to the warehouse for the next sale and no more discounts. the black line will stay at 50 off because it never ever goes on sale.

    ladies, don’t pay attention to sizing for clothes. cdg can be all over the place and if it looks good on, pick it. i’m always a small in junya but with rei, it’s so whatever.

    it’s also good people watching. all types of age groups inside, the older ladies were all so iris apfel glamorous. all in all, it was good, even for the last day. if you’re adventurous, go take a peek at cdg, but if somewhat conservative, look at junya.

  2. hi eddy,

    i don’t know if they restocked but they did say everything is out. i picked up 7 tee shirts for my boys. i also got sweaters and long sleeve shirts. the line was about 70 when i arrived at 9:45. when i left, there was maybe 50 in line but who knows now. definitely worth a look as there were a lot of tshirts left. sadly none from pink panther collection.

  3. there were a ton of tees for women! but sadly, i’m not a tees girl. i’m a total sucker for coats, boots and dresses. i’m still giddy about the weird piece i bought. i have no idea what it is but the super sweet sales people gave me ideas and it’s fun.

  4. someone should go back for the sareuru piece. it’s basically a really gorgeous skirt with holes for the feet and would look great with a sweater or tshirt. i think it was around 180 or so. i should’ve picked it up but i went for broke this month. it was so intricate and a piece of art.

  5. @jk98, loved your reviews and your obvious passion for the brand! Did you see the WWD slideshow of attendees featured on Racked? The older lady with the short red hair and glasses was there again on Saturday with a full bag trying on all the craziest loudest pieces from Rei. I got a beautiful intricate black jacket (size L — you are absolutely correct about the crazy CdG/Rei sizing, I am 5’1″ and 100 lbs so have never been a size L in my life). It was not cheap but worth it for such a beautiful piece. Do you know how I can tell from the label what season it’s from? I tried to google it but had no luck.

  6. oh, look on the label inside the piece. it’s the big white tag. read all of the numbers and you’ll see a year. there will be ad2008 etc, so youll know. the guy on racked page was there today and i think the woman as well. seriously, all of the people looked like they knew what they were buying and not into reselling. why do people go to sales for that nonsense??? if you have a runway piece, keep it.

    p, i’m a total fan of rei. i’m obsessed with the 2d collection. it’s so amazing onj even though my son says it looks like flat stanley. if you follow cdg season after season, you’ll see nothing is the same and will look different on everyone. my favorite ways of wearing the pieces from the 2d collection are with mmm flat tabis or black flats so nothing takes away from the piece. i don’t have the lifestyle to wear cdg daily but when i put on an item, i feel really great in it no matter how bizarre it looks because i’m wearing a piece of art. (happy thoughts)

  7. Thanks JK98! Looks like I got myself a piece from 2005. I had thought that AD number might be the right one but I can’t find the jacket anywhere online so just wanted to make sure. Style is all about wearing what makes you feel good — and also I’m sure more people appreciate the “bizarre” looks than you think! Just think of all the people who were at the sale!!

  8. p, it doesn’t matter what year as long as you love it and you’re right, people do like it. i wore a red 2d dress to dinner saturday and my husband said it was the best piece, ever. it’s totally shapeless yet has it’s own life when worn. when he first saw the dress on a hanger, he said it looked so chinese new year! when we decided to grab after dinner drinks, the guy at the door let us in immediately and pulled me over to say great comme des. these pieces just never lose their value if you take good care of them but i buy to keep, not to re-sell. it’s the art i collect.

  9. I thought it was weird that the shoes were not really at 70% off. I got the polka dot TRetorn shoes which were regularly priced at $50 so should be $15 with 70% off but the cashier wouldn’t budge with the pricing. I got it anyway hehe.

  10. and i was definitely trying to find out about Larry Label Whore’s $4.50 shoes but that was probably just on day 1 though I saw the same pairs in his pics today.

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