Great Bargains at the DKNY Sample Sale


The DKNY sample sale opens to the public today at 260 Fifth Avenue.  Sunday afternoon, sale organizers held a preview, which we attended, hoping to find a few Collection pieces…

There’s lots of merchandise to be had here – most of the selection is women’s goods (DKNY, pureDKNY and DKNY JEANS).  Sale pricing is fairly good. We found most items at $50 and below.

The deals included sweaters ($50), shirts/blouses ($40), bottoms/knits & tees ($30).  The coats and jackets found hanging on racks along a wall were $125, except for leather which a bit more. We spotted a few leather jackets at $247 and short black leather skirts at $350.

There were several racks of men’s merchandise – knits/shirts/pants/denim at $30, sweaters at $50 and coats/jackets at $125.  There were also a very limited selection of dress shoes ($50) and sneakers ($30) on the side.


Women’s shoes are found in the back of the space organized by size.  The selection is fairly random some platforms, flats and sneakers for $30 and a few boots and booties for $50.  Near the cash registers were leather belts ($50) which were getting a lot of attention and a few handbags ($75).

Unfortunately, there were no Collection pieces as we had hoped.  If you went to the last sample sale, you’ll recall a couple of racks of Donna Karan signature jersey dresses for $125 (orig. $1,295+).  Not this time, tho.

Where/When:  260 Fifth Avenue (b/w 28th & 29th Streets), NY, NY; Mar 4-9; Mon-Tues (9am-8pm), Wed (10am-8pm), Fri (10am-7pm), Sat (10am-2pm).



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4 thoughts on “Great Bargains at the DKNY Sample Sale”

    1. Hi mush – We’ve not been back to the DKNY sample sale so I’m not sure what the extra discounts are exactly. But I’m guessing they’ll take off an additional 20-30% off the sale price. The prices were already pretty low to begin with that anything additional would make the items bottom of the barrel bargains. Also, not sure what the selection is like at this point.

  1. Thanks for the information Sally. While they have a really wide selection for women, it is a bit unfortunate that there was only a couple of racks and a teeny table for guys. Nevertheless, they were quite a steal especially the shoes. Bags and tees are still a bit pricey though.

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