Filene’s Basement Spring Designer Event

The annual spring designer event at Filene’s basement is underway where you’ll get 30 to 80 percent off the original retail price.  I stopped into the location on Union Square the other day to find pieces from designers including Alexander McQueen, Anna Molinari, Blumarine, Chloé, Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, and Hugo Boss. In my opinion, most items were a bit pricey.  The spring suits by Dolce & Gabbana were tagged at $399 and dresses not much less than that.  There were light-weight leather jackets that came in cool gray, light blue and beige by Hugo Boss which were tagged at $499.  I spotted a number of McQueen knit strapless dresses for $299 and a really cute tee for $100.  A number of Chloé tops were going for under $200.  If you’re heading there today, you can use this Filene’s Basement coupon and get an extra 10% off your purchase.  The designer goods will be on sale until the merchandise is sold off.

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4 thoughts on “Filene’s Basement Spring Designer Event”

  1. when does this sale end ( if i didn’t end yet) and what time does this sale run? Lastly, how do find out when these sales are; is there a website, malling list, etc?

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