Second round of markdowns have arrived at the Asics athletic wear warehouse sale. Mushkie tells us the sale was busy when she went earlier today.

“Lots of tourist excited about the deals. Men’s merchandise is to the left of the venue. Sneakers are in the back, buckets of accessories are near the register, and women’s wear takes up the rest of the floor.

Accessories which include gloves, socks, hats, arm warmers, head bands, and light vests are now $2.99.

Graphic tees are also now $2.99. Short sleeve shirts and shorts are $7.99. Long sleeve tops, bras, and capris are $9.99. Dresses are $6.99. Pants, tights, and hoodies are $11.99, and jackets and vests are $16.99.

Sneakers are now $29.99 but are very picked over. What’s left is a lot of the same styles. All sizes are available. Women’s 5-13 and men’s 7-14+. There aren’t a lot of styles to choose from. Selection in popular sizing is getting scarce. I saw a lot of sizes in the wrong rack so make sure to check the size inside the sneaker.

There is a lot of activewear and the sale ends Sunday. I wouldn’t be surprised if there will be another round of markdowns.” Mushkie of Holy in Mundane

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