The Shops at Target: Kirna Zabete and Odin

A new installment of Target’s new retail format, “The Shops at Target,” hit stores this weekend.  The idea is to create small boutiques within their own mega-stores and online. This time, the collaborations are with NYC boutiques Kirna Zabete and Odin.  Fashionable Femme Jen took a look at one Target store in New Jersey:

High-Low collabs have been increasingly popular over the last few years, with shoppers camping out in stressful anticipation of product launches. Has the fad fizzled? Or is the level of excitement ultimately pegged to the price range and notoriety of the “high end” designer?  Unlike the shopping frenzy that plagued the Missoni for Target collection last fall or the Jason Wu collab with Target earlier in the year, the ODIN and Kirna Zabete debut was relatively quiet this morning. On my way home from a weekend in NJ, I stop by Target to have a peek…

The racks are full and sizing is well represented when I walk by the Kirna Zabete Shops at Target display around noon. Boasting a palette of black, blue, red and white floral and abstract prints, the KZ collection blends in with the regular merchandise and is very comparable in style, price and selection. Generally, the dresses (sleeveless, shift and shirtdress styles) range from $39.99 to $49.99, tops (long sleeve, sleeveless tie neck, and shirred neck long sleeve) will set you back $19.99 to $29.99 and skirts (hi-low and full skirt) can be had for $29.99 to $39.99. At this particular Target, I did not see the trench or any skirts—shucks—I was curious about the blue metallic jacquard full skirt!

The Shops at Target: Kirna Zabete and Odin Collaborations

An important note: sizing runs a bit large—XS is more of a roomy 2 than a 0 and dress sizing starts at 2. Also, the Arty Dot Sleeveless Scarf top ($26.99) is slightly glittery—a nice surprise as the sheen isn’t quite represented in the photos online—but has a wider/boxier cut than expected. The Metallic Jacquard Zip-Back dress ($49.99) has an interesting texture and features a nice cut, though the quality is questionable for the price. Unfortunately, the print and lace pieces aren’t quite showstoppers and the two-button tuxedo jacket ($49.99) doesn’t set itself apart from the other tuxedo jacket styles in the store. The clothing seem to be missing a “signature”—even compared to the Webster for Target collab. Although I have to say, the red hang tags are what stand out the most (to me) in this collection—they remind me of the sale tags at H&M during a seasonal clearance!

In addition to clothing, accessories are scattered on a couple racks in the handbag area. While fun and cute, most of the accessories—especially the clutch cases—are made for “one time use.” Unless they’re sitting as window dressing, I’m not sure any of it will last more than one season—if that. While the collection as a whole isn’t particularly amazing, I’m glad Manhattan was represented in the Target collaboration mix and founders Sarah Easley and Beth Buccini are able to promote their brand nationally.

The Shops at Target: Kirna Zabete and Odin Collaborations

While in the store, I did wander over to see the ODIN + Target collection for men which is also available as of today. Pricing ranges from $19.99 (scarf, waffle henley) to $39.99 (button down shirts, sweaters, pants). Jackets are available in the neighborhood of $69.99. I didn’t see any jackets in the store, but the shoes and shirts I did see are pretty poorly made—even for Target. The sweaters seem to be ok. I’m hoping the items I haven’t seen yet are better quality, or at least offer a good fit.

-Fashionable Femme Jen