Roberto Cavalli’s Calm Preview Sale


After hitting so many mobbed sample sales lately, the serene scene at Roberto Cavalli’s sample sale Wednesday night seemed strange.  There were half a dozen shoppers there looking through the racks, two of them men.  I expected more customers.  But this was the preview sale.  Maybe it was just the calm before Thursday’s storm?

The bargain:  shoes at $230 a pair.  For women, there were plenty of strappy heels, stilettos and flats. For men, leather lace-ups, loafers, sandals and sneakers.  Sorry guys, but there’s more on offer for women than men.  I spotted a small selection of coats (including leather), blazers, jeans and button downs for men.  The women will find some signature Cavalli pieces, especially multiple racks of gorgeous dresses and gowns tagged at upwards of $700.  A little too pricey for me.  As for the other merchandise, colorful tops and bottoms are starting at $230.  The handbag selection was limited and not very inspiring.  There were bins of belts going for $230+.  Scarves started at $100.

Where/When:  110 W. 19th St. (Metropolitan Pavilion NORTH) b/w 6th & 7th Aves. Th-F (8-8p), Sat (9-6p)

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8 thoughts on “Roberto Cavalli’s Calm Preview Sale”

    1. I plan to head over there later today… but I have someone who might be going this morning… I’ll keep you posted. It is cash only. You should be prepared with wads of it if you go… Let us know if you end up stopping by there and getting in…

  1. Sally, you are so awesme. What a great post and video. Can you tell me how much the flower dress was that you first tried on at :29? was it a dress? sweater? couldn’t tell. keep up the great posts!

  2. Hi Barneyshopper! The fabulous silk dress with the flower skirt is was priced at $820. That was not me but a friend trying on the dress. Let us know if you stop by and if you see get anything…

  3. Tell your friend to check out because they have a wide range of Cavalli items and the prices tend to be better than what you find at the sample sale or at the outlets, esp. when they go on sale, which they are now. Though the Cavalli outlet in Woodbury may be having a sale for Black Friday. In general, their prices are higher than the ones at the sample sale. Thanks for the info., which helps me to comparison shop. The prices seem the same as the last time they had a sample sale in the Fall. GOod luck this month! I know you will be very busy as it is sample sale season in NY.

  4. I went by the DSquared, Martin Margiela sale around the corner. As usual, they have current season boots and shoes for ~$500. They retail for over $1,000. These are in size 7 and 10 only Aughh. They have other sizes off to the side but no current season boots, just old inventory :-(

    Strange, this sale is always over the course of 2 week days and they always mark down on the 2nd day. This year it’s 3 days and ends on a Saturday. If anyone goes tomorrow PLEASSE tell me if they marked items down. Today there’s a lame sign saying some items (red or orange stickers) are an additional % off but I only saw one ratty old scarf with a sticker and that was it.

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