Plenty of Deals at Phi’s Farewell Sale


When news hit that Phi would be closing, many of you wondered if the sportswear label founded by Susan Dell in 2003 would be having a final farewell sale.  A week ago, Phi’s corporate offices weren’t saying whether they would.  Over the weekend, I popped into the label’s SoHo boutique on Greene Street to find that they were indeed hosting a warehouse sale which will go through to Sunday February 7th.

Phi staffers filled the large SoHo space with lots of merchandise – actual samples (size 2 and 4), current and past season items, shoes, boots, handbags and other accessories.  Here’s the price breakdown:  past season garments are going for 90 percent off the retail price.  That means, jackets – including a black cropped leather with zippers is now tagged at $200 (was $2,000).  Cashmere sweaters that were $795 is now $80.  And bottoms including a wool mini skirt with zippers is on sale for $70 (was $695). Current fall merchandise is 70 percent off.  If you happen to be a sample size, you’ll find some great deals here.  There was an abundance of samples hanging on racks.  Sample prices include:  basic dresses and blazers for $150, sweaters and blouses for $50, tees and tanks at $25, shoes are $50, boots $100, handbags at $150.

Where/When:  Phi boutique, 71 Greene St. (b/w Spring and Broome) 212-966-0076.  Thru February 7th.  Call for store hours.

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19 thoughts on “Plenty of Deals at Phi’s Farewell Sale”

  1. I just bought 2 great sweaters. One grey architectural cardigan for$80 and a cashmere sweater coat sample for $100 ($1,800 value). The sales person told me she was receiving new samples shortly and putting them out tomorrow morning. Some even from NEXT Spring!

    They said under no circumstances were they marking down the current Fall below 70% off because it’s “current.” We’ll see :-)

  2. i got some crazy metal block heels for $50! prob. going back for round 2 as there was too much to see and i had to get back to work..

    1. No men’s merchandise… Phi was a women’s design label. They did not do men. I’m sorry… although, I did spot several drag queens over the weekend looking through the racks.

  3. Just bought 3 Spring pieces and an amazing 3 band leather belt I’ve been wanting from Phi forever. The samples have gone up in price a little now that the Spring line is in. Sweaters now start at $75. Best to buy the new Spring.

    FYI: The sales associate told me (as if the bags weren’t evidence enough), that the unsold merchandise was going on at ~3 times the price.

  4. Thanks for the updates, Deme. I was going to wait until the end of the week, but now you’re making me want to go after work!

  5. OK here’s my final report as it would be pathetic of me to go back a third time :-) Barely any Spring 2010 or Current Fall left. It’s not that it sold, it’s already packed up in boxes at the front of the store waiting to be shipped out ( ?) People were asking yesterday and today where the bulk pieces were and staff said they already shipped them out.

    There are still great belts left and you may come out with a piece of clothing.

    1. Deme – you’re so right! I went into Phi Thursday night to find that all the current season goods were gone. Hanging on racks are previous season merchandise and samples. There were still some belts, shoes and handbags. But it was pretty picked over – not sure what will be left over the weekend and whether they will be offering further discounts.

  6. Pathetic here, yes stopped by today. In my defense, it’s only because my gym is 2 blocks away. I mentioned to a staff member that there was a pair of Fall pants for which you had 100 pair and now they’re all gone?? She admitted that they were downstairs waiting to be packed but offered to bring a pair up for me if I really wanted them. Moral, Ask they may have it.

    FYI: If you’re interested in the mesh summer black bootie, they just put them out in an array of neon colors. It will take a whole lot of confidence to pull them off though.

  7. I went yesterday, and yes, not much merch left. I asked the lady if they have any more cashmere sweaters (none on floor), and she was nice enough to bring the last few from basement (missing buttons, but not a big issue). I went away with 3 cashmere cardigans for $50 each, and a cashmere turtleneck dress for $75. What a steal! Thanks!

  8. Hey Sally, because of your good reviews, I tried to stop by Phi and every time I went (stopped by 3 times), they had the doors locked and said they were closed–and I’m talking at all different times of the day. Seemed to me they really don’t want to sell their stuff. People just hanging out inside but they wouldn’t let anyone in. I’m guessing that good customer service was not something they had helping them stay in business.

  9. Hey Barneyshopper – That’s weird… The Phi sale ended last weekend. If you tried to stop by this week, that could be the reason they said they were closed.

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