Krizia Warehouse Sale

Italian high-end brand, Krizia, is hosting a warehouse sale at its MePa boutique on 14th Street… one of our readers commented, asking whether it was worth checking out.  It is if you’re a fan of the label.

While there’s still plenty to be had, it’s fairly picked over.  Except for a few nice pieces including knits, sweaters, blazers and coats.  Apparently, the first day of the sale (Sunday) was a madhouse when most of the good stuff was snapped up.  I was hoping to score on a leather jacket but only found two not so great ones.  But if you spend some time going through the racks, you may spot a real deal such as a Krizia Top black wool/angora short swing coat with great detailing that was tagged at $227 (was $2,227).

The markdowns start at 60-percent and go up to 90-percent off the retail price.  Surprisingly, I spotted quite a few items at 80 and some at 90-percent off.  There were lots of knits (including sweaters with animal print – puma/mountain lion) going for under $100.  At this point, there were only a few handbags and footwear (strappy heels) scattered about in the large space.  In the back, you’ll find a rack of bottoms (skirts & pants), including leather trousers ($150) in larger sizes.

This is a rare event for Krizia.  A sales associate mentioned they held the sale to move hundreds of pieces that were folded in boxes for six years.  The sale goes through next Tuesday.

Where/When:  446 W. 14th St. (West of Washington St); 212-879-1211.  Thru Feb 28th; Mon-Sat (11-7p), Sun (Noon-6p).

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5 thoughts on “Krizia Warehouse Sale”

  1. I agree the sale is pretty picked over. Although I did get a couple of really nice knits at 90% off. You have to really look – I got a great black knit dress for $48 (originally $488). Found a fab see through black sweater again at 90% off – 35 originally $350. The shoes are just okay – nothing special, but cheap. I got a cute pair of sandals for $20.
    I’m not normally a fan of the label – its really kind of an old lady brand. When I was there most of the shoppers appeared to be rich old ladies who were used to shopping at the krizia Madison ave store. They kind of seemed out of place at the mpd. I was the only one under 50 there.
    I don’t think this one is worth making a special trip to – but if you’re in the ‘hood stop by you may find something. ( btw – for the boys – there were a few rackes with interesting things all at 85% off)

    1. Thanks, Kate for sharing your findings with us. I agree with you about the customers who were shopping the sale. From what I know of the brand, it was really popular back in the 80s & 90s. But like you said, if you’re willing to look and spend the time, you’ll get quality pieces made in Italy at great deals. You certainly walked out with a number of fabulous things.

  2. I have a GORGEOUS metallic silver and black blazer by KRIZIA and it is by far my favorite piece of clothing I have. Also, the fabrication is very high-end. I love wearing mine with a sleeveless top or tank because the lining on the inside is so luxurious and smooth. I collect all kinds of blazers and EVERYONE complements me on this one! P.S. I’m lovin’ those clutches you posted above!

  3. This sale was phenomenal… The clothes were amazing and the prices were even better. Definitely a sale to yearn for! I’ll be at the next one!

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