Just Days Away… Marni at H&M

As if any of us needed reminding… This Thursday, Marni’s collection for H&M hits stores in Manhattan.  If you haven’t already seen the lookbook, you can check out the pieces on the H&M website here where they’re now available to view.

And there’s more to whet your appetite… Check out this video by the UK daily, Grazie, which shows a few recognizable faces going through the racks to pick out their clothes, jewelry and shoes and put their outfit together for the Marni at H&M launch party…

If you’re unsure where you can get your hands on the pieces in NYC, Racked has put together a list of stores in Manhattan that will carry the new line.  In addition, part of Marni’s collaboration with H&M, will raise funds for the Red Cross in Japan to help with its continuing earthquake relief work. Twenty-five percent of sales from a special unisex T-shirt will be donated to this cause…  Look out for the tags that state the donation efforts (see below).

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2 thoughts on “Just Days Away… Marni at H&M”

  1. these H&M and target collabs really piss me off because unless you’re willing to stand on line at an ungodly hour for hours on end and put up with craziness then you don’t have a shot at any of the pieces. It’s bullshit ! Most of us won’t get to buy a single item, yet H&M will get tons of free publicity by producing limited numbers of pieces and going out of their way to create a frenzy. This is the first collab I”m really upset about because I LOVE marni and there were so many piece I wanted yet by the time I got to a store (at lunchtime – sorry I couldn’t take the day off of work..) everything was gone !!
    The stores should at least restock periodically or at the very least make the collections available on line so that people who can’t get to a store and wait for hours have a fair shot. It’s the least they can do for all the free publicity they get !

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