Inside the J.Crew Sample Sale…

From the look of the long line outside 260 Fifth Avenue this morning, the J.Crew sample sale continues to draw a massive crowd.

As I mentioned in the earlier post, sale organizers were kind enough to let me inside an hour early to do a review.  They were still setting up when I came in to check out the goods… There really is a large assortment of apparel, shoes, accessories, and winter coats from both J. Crew and Madewell. If you’re familiar with this Flatiron space, you’ll know how large it is… and sale organizers managed to fill it.  There are actual samples and stock for men, women, and a limited selection of children’s wear at up to 60-percent off.

The set up is well organized with women’s JCrew collection pieces right in front next to the entrance, men’s to the side along the wall, shoes and accessories (handbags, belts, etc) and kids in the back. There are a couple of chairs where you can try on the footwear and the dressing room in the back.

As for pricing, here’s the breakdown (and it’s fairly simple for both men & women):  Sweaters range in price from $35 (wool and wool/cotton blends) to $90 for cashmere; Outerwear starts at $60 and goes up to $150 (great selection of wool pea coats for men at $150.. and the same price for wool jackets for women); Trench coats are $90; Dresses starts at $30 and goes up to $90;  Tops (silk and woven) are ranging from $15 (for tanks) to $25 for plain shirts; Pants are priced from $25 to $70.  There’s tons of jewelry up for grabs (I’m told more than they’ve had on offer before) starting at $5 to $60 for embellished pieces.  Handbags are tagged from $20 to $120.  As for shoes, there was lots on display in a range of sizes (flats are $65, heels at $100 and boots at $120).  Madewell leather vests are $150 and a leather jacket is $250.

Sale organizers will be restocking daily & throughout the sale, which ends this Saturday December 3rd.  If you can’t make it today, there’s plenty of opportunity to check out the sale this week.

Where/When:  260 Fifth Ave (b/w 28th & 29th Streets); Nov 29 to Dec 3rd, Tues-Fri (10-8p), Sat (10-6p).


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7 thoughts on “Inside the J.Crew Sample Sale…”

    1. Yes, the ballet flats were $65…. as for getting more off when you buy more. Sale organizers weren’t advertising that but you should ask and they may accommodate you. Good luck!

  1. Personally, I haven’t gone in a couple of yrs but from my experience, if you go at Lunch, the line is insane. If you go after work, it’s pretty empty.

  2. I thought this was the worst jcrew ss by far. Prices really high as compared to their previous sale and way higher than the 36 th street site. They need to do this in a bigger site like 36 th street which had large room or jcrew should splurge and get met pavilion. Those racks were moving and people were tripping over ends. The gloves and hats that were 10 at 36 th street were as high as 85 ..the shearling which was 10 at 36 was 75, also the selection of sweaters bad.. I loved the unusual sweaters at other site…the staff seems mad if you try to sort thru your items but seriously where can you sort? I liked the return policy at 36. I won’t be recommending this sale to friends or family. In short, way overpriced an incredibly poor shopping experience..dangerous and by far Worst sample sale and I have quite a few under my belt!


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