As many of you know, yesterday was utter madness for many shoppers trying to get their hands on pieces from the Marni for H&M collection. One die-hard fan wanted a specific item so bad that he spent all afternoon and evening looking for it. He’s our in-house label whore, Larry, and he gives us an account of his efforts to get a pair of men’s sandals:

I went to 5 different H&M in the city. They had no accessories for men and women anywhere. I ended up getting a short sleeve shirt from the one on 34th Street and 7th Avenue. Nothing at the Fifth Avenue store on 51st Street, Herald Square, or the one on 18th Street and Fifth Avenue.

At 7pm, I decided to call the 86th Street location to see if they had the sandals I wanted and they had 2 pairs one in a size 11.5 and another in a… size 9!!!! I ran over there, tried it on, and got it!!! I couldn’t believe they still had them when no one else did. All the stores had a good amount of men’s stuff but all accessories were gone. Thankfully, you got the bag for me because it was gone everywhere else. Basically, I got everything I wanted.

The blue canvas/brown leather bag (pictured below) was on Larry’s list. I managed to pick it up for him at the H&M store in the Flatiron.