Luana Italy is hosting a sample sale on its handbags in the Garment District. Sale ends today at 6pm. Sabrina has our report:

“The deals at the Luana Italy sample sale are great. The most expensive item I saw was $200, but most were in the $25-$50 range, which are significantly reduced relative to their retail prices.

There were purse straps ($15), crossbody bags of various sizes ($25-$50), satchels ($75), totes ($100), and other novelty bags that were more pricey ($200). There is a good selection of sizes and colors including black, brown, pink and orange. I picked up an orange medium sized crossbody with tassels for $25!” – Sabrina of Theresa on the Town

Where/When:  Luana Italy, 209 West 38th Street, Suite 500, New York, 10018; Thru Friday, May 5, 10am-6pm.