I was walking out of the Mara Hoffman sample sale after 7pm and there was still a line outside the sale space at 150 Greene Street. Fans of the designer are turning out in droves.

Inside the space was crowded and stuffy and another long line for the communal dressing room

As for the selection, there’s plenty of swimwear – two-pieces and one-pieces. They’re hanging on several racks separated by style and size.

The apparel can be had throughout the space separated by style. That said, the place was a mob scene that by the time I arrived, the merchandise was pretty much everywhere!

Some shoppers were a bit confused by the pricelist. Basically, pricing had different tiers depending on whether the piece was embellished or not. An example, plain knit/woven dresses were $85 (mini) or $150 (maxi/midi). Embellished or wool were $105 or $275. Basic solid/print swimsuits were $50 (tops/bottoms each), $80 for one-piece and $90 for surf suit. The pricelist is in the gallery below if you want a complete look.

Sale ends this Sunday, June 10th. Click here to get location/date/time of this and other sale events in New York City.