The White + Warren sample sale kicked off this morning at the brand’s usual location near Bryant Park.

The sale opened bright and early at 8am (if only all sample sales would do the same!), which gives us working gals an opportunity to get first dibs. The sale floor was crazy busy by 9am when we were able to make it there. The line to pay snaked around the room. But after an hour, the space started to clear out.

First stop, the sample sale room which was already ransacked. Samples in no kind of order – on the table and bunched up in boxes. But there were still lots of options. You just needed to dig in. Make sure what you have is a sample. We noticed that a lot of the stock pieces from the other room made their way into the sample room. Cashmere samples are $55; non-cashmere $35.

As for stock, there’s plenty of options. The various styles are hung on racks and pricing is posted throughout the space. There’s plenty of cashmere styles (pullover, V-neck, tees, shawls, ponchos, cardigans, hats, travel wraps and more) in a range of colors. In addition, there’s also lots of non-cashmere pieces.

If you don’t see your size, just ask a staffer (they’re all very helpful). That said, we did notice that some sizing (smalls and mediums) were already going fast. Check out the pricing on the list below.

The sale runs only two days, ends tomorrow. For details, click here to our Calendar Page.

price list