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    1. Hi Steve,

      You just missed the Scotch & Soda sale on April 23. Here’s the link to our review:

      My advice is to wait till the end of season department store sales for great deals on the brand. Those sales are coming up so keep an eye out. I know Saks and Nordstrom carry it and I’m almost positive Saks will have a lot of pieces at their big consolidation sale.

  1. Sample sally,

    how do you get your name on the Louboutin company sample sale? maybe this is my way of saving money since my wife cant stop buying them?

    1. Hi eric – You have to know someone at Louboutin in order to get your name on the sample sale list. If you’re looking to save money on those shoes, the boutiques have end of season sales… I haven’t been to the store this season but it may be going on now.

  2. Please know I have been in radio and always was in the garmet center
    area and look forward to sample sales as all should …..

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