Since the Bobbi Brown sample sale has gotten a large response from our readers, we went back today. Plus, after hearing news that they had restocked, we wanted to see what was on offer.

The selection has thinned out. As for restocking new products, they had several but not a lot of different types.

To start, the tinted lip balm (raspberry), the face/body bronzer, one lipstick color (Cosmic Pink) are all new to the sale.

The mascara seems to be popular since signs were posted saying there were NONE available.

Pricing remains the same. We’ll post a notice in comments below if we hear of any price reductions.

A List of Merchandise as of Thursday evening:

  • Nude Finish Illuminating Powder (Rich)
  • Long wear brow gel (blonde, grey, taupe, rich brown)
  • Long wear gel eyeliner (Sapphire Shimmer and Hunter Ink)
  • Eye Shadow (Dove grey 5E, lilac 7, Khaki 60,iced blue, forest 6, Pistachio 5A, Gunmetal 3, Steel 22)
  • Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow (Golden Amber 76)
  • Sequin Eye shadow (Star Beam, Comet)
  • Lip gloss (Amber Peach)
  • Lipstick (Cosmic Pink)
  • Tinted lip balm (Raspberry $15)
  • Face and body bronzer $15
  • Recovery Rescue Kits ($10)
  • Tinted eye color (Porcelain Peach, Light to medium peach, Dark Peach, Medium to dark beige)
  • Intensive Skin Serum Corrector (Light/Dark/Extra Light Peach Bisque)
  • Face Touch up (Peach, Warm Almond, Warm Walnut, Cool Golden, Warm Honey, Honey, Warm Natural, Natural Tan
  • Intensive Skin Serum (Warm Almond 6.5, Almond 7)

Skin Moisture Compact Foundation

  • Honey 5
  • Warm Almond 6.5
  • Warm Walnut 7.5
  • Walnut 8
  • Chestnut 9
  • Espresso 10

Skin Foundation

  • Ivory 0.75
  • Cool Ivory 1.25
  • Cool Sand 2.25
  • Golden Natural 4.75
  • Cool Honey 5.25
  • Cool Golden 6.25
  • Golden Almond 6.75
  • Cool Almond 7.25
  • Walnut 8
  • Cool Walnut 8.25
  • Cool Espresso $10.25

Moisture Rich Foundation

  • Porcelain 0
  • Beige 3
  • Warm Beige 3.5
  • Golden 6
  • Almond 7
  • Warm Walnut 7.25
  • Walnut 8
  • Chestnut 9
  • Espresso 10

The face applicators from the beginning of the sale are still available.

Also available was Powder in Soft Honey 8 (standard size). Plus, the Beach EDPs.

The Bumble & Bumble hair products have also thinned out.

No word on whether they’ll restock before the weekend.

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